"The road to confession is strewn with Erica’s close encounters with various tantalizing objects...These flirtatious entities are given voice, and impressionistic physical life, by a spirited chorus of performers made up of Artem Kreimer, Nancy Tatiana Quintana and Michael Oloyede."

Ben Brantley, The New York Times


"Kreimer is rocking it as a vintage lamp...But actors are merely human avatars, put there to make the play accessible to the rest of us, 'people-sexuals'."

Asya Danilova, OnStage Blog



"Artem Kreimer is the sinuously sexy lamp"

Ed Karam, OffOffOnline


"All these objects and more are brought engagingly to life by a versatile 'chorus' of three actors"

Juliet Hindell, The Tribeca Trib


"These  objects...are embodied by the flexible and creative team of actors...who also do double or triple duty as neighbors, reporters, and other such judgmental residents of this small Massachusetts town that have no problem being as vocal as Erika’s lamp."
Steven Ross, Front Mezz Junkies


"Other notable moments include...confrontational art lessons from the 1980’s Basquiat-type (by a supremely committed Artem Kreimer)."

Rachel Kerry, New York Theatre Review


"Kreimer, unsurprisingly, provides the majority of comic relief. From then on, the ball gets rolling and the play becomes thoroughly enjoyable..."

Kara Gordon, Washington University Student Life


"[Oberon] is suitably regal, especially in his dealings with his servant Puck, played with wild abandon by Artem Kreimer. The duo provides the bulk of the comedy and all of the energy, clambering across the stage and shinnying up the columns as they plot and twist the lovers' lives into knots. Kreimer is a wonder, dancing his character into being with supernatural grace and fey presence."

Paul Friswold, Riverfront Times



"Puck gets the best of the movement; it's a delightfully physical performance by Artem Kreimer."

Bob Wilcox, KDHX


Artem Kreimer


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