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Like many actors, I started out as a kid at drama camp. The sense of community and the excitement of the stage brought me back summer after summer and propelled me into drama in high school and beyond.

Eventually, I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a double major in drama and math. Yes - people are often confused by that combination, but you'd be surprised how seamlessly the two influence each other!

I also found myself gravitating to physical theater and to classical texts. This was particularly emphasized while studying Suzuki, Viewpoints, and Grotowski.

I discovered that I wanted to familiarize myself with all aspects of theater-making. Knowing about directing, design, production, administration, playwriting, and every other element that goes into building a play makes me a better actor on stage and in rehearsal.

The student theater group I helped run in college focused primarily on new and experimental plays, and I've continued working on plays in progress since then, in spaces ranging from tiny black box theaters to large outdoor stages.

In that vein, I was a lighting designer and master electrician for many years. I work in theatrical non-profit bookkeeping. I'm exploring writing and visual art.

I've put my math brain to use by starting a tax prep business for fellow freelancers:

After ten years in Brooklyn, I've made the move to Chicago and am having a blast exploring theatre in a new-to-me city!

Ask me about my latest gig, best show I've seen recently, or favorite Schedule C deduction (and tell me yours)!

Artem Kreimer


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